Sunday, March 2, 2014

Adopt a Grandparent Post 18

I have liked a lot of things about 20 time. So far it has been an eye opening experience, and a challenge. I liked that it has made me step out of my comfort zone, but I guess that could've been a negative for me too. I get really nervous doing this kind of stuff, but I don't know why. That's why I'm super nervous to give my speech, I'm not the best at public speaking. But other than that, I know I'll appreciate this project, and my idea ended up being a success, at least in my eyes. I still have a lot to do but I like where ts going. One thing I don't like is the time it takes to make it happen. I wasn't expecting it to be this much work, but since it's been such a busy basketball season, it's hard to balance all the things I have to go to and do and all the things I have to do with the nursing home. But, it does help me with my time management so I like that about it too. One thing I would've done differently is I would've started way early, because I slacked off a lot the first couple weeks, and then I got behind because the first few calls I made didn't work out for me. But I finally figured out what I have to do to make it work, so it has been a little easier. All in all, I'm glad I've had this chance to participate in a once in a life time project such as this because I learn so much from it. 

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  1. I love the use of the wording "eye opening experience" because reading your blog each week it is apparent how much you have gained and learnt from your project. I also love how you challenged yourself with this project, I truly never would have guessed! You blended in naturally to it in my eyes, but it is always best to do something you wouldn't normally do. I am glad to hear you are learning valuable lessons from this and notice what you could change! You are going to do great on your presentation and thank you for letting me live out this experience vicariously through you :)