Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adopt a Grandparent Post 20

This week I started thinking about my Ted Talk. I'm getting pretty nervous about all the deadlines, so I'm going to start putting ideas together for my speech. I'm thinking of starting off by telling the reason behind my project. How I thought about all the seniors who might want a friend that can visit, and the motivation behind it, especially after my grandma passed. I also will talk about how it was pretty hard to start, and to find time to do it and how it helped me with a lot of things like time management. It's going to be pretty hard finding a lot of stuff to talk about. Eight minutes seems like forever to me! Speaking in front of people is something that's pretty hard for me, so it'll be a challenge.

I also tried calling a nursing home that's closer to my house, but no one seemed to be open the hours I tried to call so I'll try during the week. I'm hoping Sunrise will be open to accepting my ideas, because they seem like a really nice nursing home. It's been hard finding time in such a busy schedule to drive all the way to shorepointe. But they were so nice and they loved my idea, so I'm still in a pickle with what I should do. I'm hoping all the other nursing homes will be the same!!

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  1. It is always good to challenge yourself, and once you get rolling with topics to talk about I'm sure eight minutes wont seem like enough. Good luck with your continued process and keep up the good work :)