Monday, April 7, 2014

Adopt a Grandparent Post 21

This past week I called three different nursing homes but none of them answered. My mom and I decided that we should go to these nursing homes some time so we can actually talk to them face to face. I'm guessing they're really busy, so I think this would work out better. These nursing homes are all relatively close to me, so it'll make this easier. I am running out of time though, so I'm freakin out a tiny bit. But, failure is an option, and I might be fable to be successful but it'll still be acceptable if I fail. I also called shorepointe and Lora said I could visit any time of the week if I wanted to, and because I'm finished with basketball that might be easier to do.  I never thought it would be this hard to do something that I thought would be so easy, and it's frustrating, so I'm determined to get in the nursing home quite often in the next quarter. 

I also have to start writing my speech, and I'm having a difficult time coming up with an idea for it. There's so many angles I could take, and it's hard to choose the best one. So, that's one of the hinge I'll work hard on soon. 

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  1. Write down all of the possibilities and see which one speaks the most to you. That way you know all of your options and are able to pick the best one knowing all of them! Good luck!